[TypicalGirls] Riot Grrrl: genre vs. musical-political ethos

Tobi Vail tobivail at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 13:53:14 EDT 2007

i don't wanna reprint or post whole issues of jigsaw....but do plan to
have some of it available......sorry that it hasn't happened
yet...there are a bunch of zine archives/websites/networks...and that
book that is coming out has some great articles and will be in your
public library very soon..thanks for all your kind words and support
over the years, sharon...and thanks for all the great conversations

i get too bogged down by the past if i think about 'archiving' all my
archives. i wanna make stuff in the present, but i understand where
that is coming from--the desire to read the old zines....i don't think
zines should last forever though..they are like snapshots into
someones brain, like snapshots they freeze a moment in time...i don't
want to be frozen,i want to be moving, making stuff, discussing things
with people in the present tense....jigsaw # 7, which came on in 1999,
was the last print issue and actually is the best one, if you are
looking. jigsaw #8 is partially here

there's some stuff here: http://bumpidee.com/archive.html but i never
finished this website. hopefully i'll make a better archive soon, but
it's not a huge priority for me, as i'm already working on a bunch of
writing/music projects...and working, like everyone. not enough time
in the day. it would be nice to get some more stuff out there, i'll
try and do it at some point.

x tobi

On 9/14/07, m. d. <pepitaforever at yahoo.es> wrote:
> "we used to right down a list of these bands for every
> girl we met who was wanting more.
> we'd go here: go find records by these bands: 1.
> raincoats. 2. slits 3. delta 5 etc. and go watch these
> movies, 1. the fabulous stains 2. out of the blue 3.
> time square etc...."
> In some kind of domino effect, that's how, living in a
> small town in Spain, I got to hear about those bands.
> I remmember, around 95 or 96,
> a friend came home with a xerox copy of a long Melody
> Maker article about Riot Grrl, where those kind of
> bands and movies lists where printed
> (maybe the same lists?). So starting from that we
> followed the bread crumb trail and looked for those
> "pre-RG" records and got into Raincoats, Slits, etc.
> What I never managed was to get copies of Jigsaw, so,
> my vote for more jigsaw back issues online...please.
> -
> mabel
> --- Sharon Cheslow <decomposition at mindspring.com>
> escribió:
> > Tobi is also one of the smartest musicians in rock
> > and roll!
> >
> > If you can find any old Jigsaws, I highly recommend
> > reading them.  What she wrote in the '90s is still
> > relevant now to everything we're talking about -
> > both past and present (and future?)...
> >
> > Sharon
> >
> > >From: Tobi Vail
> > >but i think it's a mistake to dismiss
> > >music as being traditional when it's
> > uitlizing/appropriating old forms
> > >for new uses...like yoko ono's approximately
> > infinite universe--it's
> > >not a pop record, it's a record that experiments
> > with pop forms as a
> > >means of communicating radical ideas (feminist,
> > revolutionary,
> > >etc)...that doesn't make it any less experimental
> > than the plastic ono
> > >band's why/why not...in my opinion they are both
> > doing the same thing,
> > >just in different ways
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