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lsmith yelmo2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 14 11:52:27 EDT 2007

That's a great idea Lizzie! I'm a librarian/archivist
too, and prize access to information above getting
bogged down with debates over whether paper or digital
is better (though I do have thoughts on the issue).

I love the idea of a riot grrrl zine archive. I know
there is qzap.org, the Queer Zine Archive Project
they're actively scanning zines and making zines
available on their web site. They're out of Wisconsin.
They attend a lot of zine fairs, etc. There's also the
Punk Zine Archive, which has scanned zines available
on their web site too. 

 A great person to discuss the idea of creating a
scanned collection would be Jenna Freedman who started
and currently runs the Barnard Zine Collection, which
collects zines "..written by New York City and other
urban women with an emphasis on zines by women of
color." She's a great resource.

If you (or anyone) wants to try to start a riot grrrl
specific collection available through a web site, I'd
love to participate. Or maybe it already exists???

--- Lizzie Ehrenhalt <dancingvioletsnail at yahoo.com>

> Daniel Selzer <danselzer at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> isn't about time all these old Zines got collected
> and printed, or at least
> scanned and made into PDFs? 
> As far as riot grrrl goes, there is the great
> collection _A Girl's Guide to Taking Over the World:
> Writings from the Girl Zine Revolution_, edited by
> Karen Green and Tristan Taormino.  Many TGers
> probably know of this already, but I thought I'd
> give it a shout out.  As someone doing a graduate
> program in archives, I'm hoping to one day get
> involved in a digital, national riot grrrl zine
> archive project...we just have to get it started!
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