[TypicalGirls] Riot Grrrl: genre vs. musical-political ethos

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 14 08:15:59 EDT 2007

--- "m. d." <pepitaforever at yahoo.es> wrote: 
> What I never managed was to get copies of Jigsaw,
> so,
> my vote for more jigsaw back issues online...please.

On a different subject...isn't about time all these
old Zines got collected and printed, or at least
scanned and made into PDFs? I'm doing something like
that for a project soon, and I have all the issues of
Sonic Death as PDFs from the Sonic Youth site. There
was also a cool book where they reprinted all the
issues of Sniffin' Glue (Mark Perry of Alternative
TV's zine) on newsprint. The rest of the book was
designed in the most cliche PUNK ROCK manner, but to
see the original stuff is just amazing.

I just finished reading Our Band Could Be Your Life
and would love to see all those old issues of Matter,
Killer, Forced Exposure, Conflict etc. Maybe it's time
to hit eBay...I've never really spent any time
collecting old magazines/zines but I'm sure it's a
good idea! My friend Joshua seems to know much of what
he knows from reading old issues of Zig Zag and
Trouser Press. Weasel, you have a mighty collection of
New York Rockers, right? 


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