[TypicalGirls] Sugar Town Website

Sara Sherr sarasherr at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 22:58:10 EDT 2007

I just restarted it in February, and a myspace page for it is long
overdue. I honestly didn't think it was gonna sustain this much
interest again. Whatever you saw on the web was probably part of the
Plain Parade site, the non-gender specific booking/promoting co. that
I did with fellow TGer Maria Sciarrino until Nov. of last year.
Idolator's Maura Johnston was one of our first DJ's when she still
lived in Philly.

Here's some stuff on my blog about it, which hasn't had much non-show
postings in ages:


9/29 is Bitch
10/8 is Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata

Also, you can add me on myspace to get bulletins about all the stuff I do:

Or you can send me your addy and I can send you messages straight to your inbox.

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