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Raven Baker softgraffiti at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 16:58:08 EDT 2007

I'm going to respond to several people's emails...

No 1: Someone described the current crop of bands as having got into
riot grrrl after it happened.  I think that's an interesting point
likely as it pretty much sums me up.  I got into a lot of the riot
grrrl bands right before they were breaking up and only caught a few
acts live (Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney).  My whole view of the movement
was nostalgic from first contact on.   Over the years, I felt like I
had missed out, that the great, radical women's music scene of my
lifetime was over before I knew any better.  So, it's been really
exciting to see how many women are involved in making music these
days.  And there seems to be a growing trend of reissuing women's
music, punk and otherwise, which is likewise exciting and inspiring.

Related to all this is how unremarkable being a female underground
musician seems to be these days.  At least, for the people I know
around my age, it doesn't seem unusual or noteworthy that a woman can
make music (and good music at that).  Which is awesome, but I've also
noticed a lot less camraderie and respect at shows featuring women's
bands.  In part, likely because I no longer live in the DC area, where
riot grrrl values still had a stronghold.   I'm talking little things,
like people making sure short women have a space up front and perfect
strangers teaming up to shame the guy heckling the band.  I was at a
Mika Miko show recently, in Baltimore, and I was absolutely shocked by
some stuff.  The band was great, but the audience... one guy yelled
'show us your boobs' at the band.  By the end of the set a bunch of
men had taken over the area up front, which had formerly been half
occupied by women, and essentially pushed us to the back.

I bring this up because this resurgence of women in music doesn't
necessarily bring with it a basic respect for women or an awareness of
gender issues.  Which was at the forefront of riot grrrl.  Along with
riot grrrl-inspired sounds I'd like to see the ideals and awareness
come back with it!

No 2: Sugar Town in Philly sounds awesome (and great name, btw)!  It
looks like your site hasn't been updated in a couple years, is there
anywhere to see what you have lined up?

No 3: To whoever mentioned Teenage Teardrops, I am so with you on
that.  Such a fantastic labor of love.  Also, they have a Mika Miko
release coming up!  If you're interested, I published an interview
with Cali Dewitt, head of Teenage Teardrops, here:


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