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One thing I've been super-impressed by is the way "young bands" (possibly
"first bands" is more precise?) are promoting themselves. I mean this in
terms of getting on the radar, but also terms used, theories credited and
idols cited. A lot of these people came up just post-riotgrrl, but they got
mixtapes from siblings, heard babysitters romanticizing, and so on -- so
they have an interesting understanding of what worked and what didn't, two
steps removed. I'm especially inspired by people like: the Shondes, Swan
Island, Echolocations, Teenage Teardrops.

Relatedly awesome are the Girls' Rock Camps, in Pdx especially:
I mean, if somebody plays you Kathleen Hanna (etc., etc.) when you're seven,
who knows what'll happen when eight hits.

Obviously things aren't this black and white, and it's hard to point to a
single origin. But I'm seeing action in a lot of places, and so again:
especially in a year dominated by Myspace marketing and many distros
folding, I'm psyched to see people willing to try things onstage, bravely in
the moment, and making zines.


On 9/13/07, J Neo Marvin <j_n_e_o at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Also, especially when you're talking about young bands, don't rule out the
> possibility that even if someone sounds derivative to you now, there's no
> predicting what they might come up with as they evolve and find their own
> voices. And the first time we hear something new, often our first impulse
> can be to compare it to something familiar. I remember my first impression
> of Bikini Kill was something like, "hmmm, sounds like Poly Styrene
> fronting
> early Black Flag." Obviously they were far more original than that, but
> it's
> human to look for connections with what we know already. I haven't checked
> out these bands yet (being at work), but maybe they already are original
> and
> we just haven't noticed yet because we're older and more jaded than we
> used
> to be?
> -J Neo Marvin
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> >I was just curious what the list members thoughts were on the surge of
> new,
> >younger artists taking a lot of queues from the riot grrrl movement of
> the
> >early 90's. Finally Punk (http://www.myspace.com/finallypunk), Kiosk (
> >http://www.myspace.com/kiosk), for two and of course the projects of the
> >forever hard working Allison Wolfe, and Tobi Vail as well. I've had
> several
> >disagreements with people who complain that while the music these bands
> are
> >making is fun... they're just not taking it anywhere new. Having grown up
> >listening to Bikini Kill and Bratmobile a lot... I'm inclined to like
> this
> >stuff for pure nostalgia, let alone that the music is great in its own
> >right
> >in my opinion. I think it's great that  the ideas that started a movement
> >in
> >underground music more than a decade ago, can still translate well to the
> >next generation without coming across as trite and overly derivative.
> >Anyone
> >else, thoughts? Also, if you have info on similar bands, post em' up...
> i'd
> >love to hear more.
> >
> >justin
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