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Also, especially when you're talking about young bands, don't rule out the 
possibility that even if someone sounds derivative to you now, there's no 
predicting what they might come up with as they evolve and find their own 
voices. And the first time we hear something new, often our first impulse 
can be to compare it to something familiar. I remember my first impression 
of Bikini Kill was something like, "hmmm, sounds like Poly Styrene fronting 
early Black Flag." Obviously they were far more original than that, but it's 
human to look for connections with what we know already. I haven't checked 
out these bands yet (being at work), but maybe they already are original and 
we just haven't noticed yet because we're older and more jaded than we used 
to be?

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>I was just curious what the list members thoughts were on the surge of new,
>younger artists taking a lot of queues from the riot grrrl movement of the
>early 90's. Finally Punk (http://www.myspace.com/finallypunk), Kiosk (
>http://www.myspace.com/kiosk), for two and of course the projects of the
>forever hard working Allison Wolfe, and Tobi Vail as well. I've had several
>disagreements with people who complain that while the music these bands are
>making is fun... they're just not taking it anywhere new. Having grown up
>listening to Bikini Kill and Bratmobile a lot... I'm inclined to like this
>stuff for pure nostalgia, let alone that the music is great in its own 
>in my opinion. I think it's great that  the ideas that started a movement 
>underground music more than a decade ago, can still translate well to the
>next generation without coming across as trite and overly derivative. 
>else, thoughts? Also, if you have info on similar bands, post em' up... i'd
>love to hear more.

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