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a lot of other forms of punk never died, still sound the same. 80s HC just 
did the same thing, came back into vogue. i'm glad this sound is back. and i 
hope it brings with it a resurgence of young punk girl unity. i'm in.


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>I was just curious what the list members thoughts were on the surge of new,
>younger artists taking a lot of queues from the riot grrrl movement of the
>early 90's. Finally Punk (http://www.myspace.com/finallypunk), Kiosk (
>http://www.myspace.com/kiosk), for two and of course the projects of the
>forever hard working Allison Wolfe, and Tobi Vail as well. I've had several
>disagreements with people who complain that while the music these bands are
>making is fun... they're just not taking it anywhere new. Having grown up
>listening to Bikini Kill and Bratmobile a lot... I'm inclined to like this
>stuff for pure nostalgia, let alone that the music is great in its own 
>in my opinion. I think it's great that  the ideas that started a movement 
>underground music more than a decade ago, can still translate well to the
>next generation without coming across as trite and overly derivative. 
>else, thoughts? Also, if you have info on similar bands, post em' up... i'd
>love to hear more.

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