[TypicalGirls] Stupid, stupid, stupid Quechep....

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That's fine, Justin - if nothing else, you've provided a valuable consumer
service!  We now know to avoid Quetchup, and to look at the fine print of
future social-networking invites VERY CAREFULLY.  Just sorry you had to go
through all that.





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So, as I wrote to Dina... a friend from work sent in my inbox an invitation
asking to join Quechep. It's made out like it's personally written to you
from your friend. I found out what was going on this morning... when my
roommates cell phone was going off on my way out the door... with my name
flashing on the front screen. I look to see what was causing this... and
it's a text message asking him to join quechep. This thing is all over the
place. So... I sent out a myspace message, text messages, and gmail messages
to everyone warning them and telling them to ignore it. I wish the person I
work with had offered the same courtesy to me before I got looped into the
whole mess in the first place. SO... for all who had to endure... my
condolences. For the record... I'm pretty savvy and don't fall for these
things... so this one is made up to look super pro and slick... and
definitely fooled me. 
On a side note, one year later... thanks to this list... I love my Delta 5
cd as much as the first time I listened to it. 

Thanks all. 

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