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The Slits' Return of the Giant Slits Reissued

Chances are, if you know the Slits, you know Cut. That cover!
Those songs! That influence! That cover! You're probably less
familiar with what came next: The Slits followed Cut, their
1979 debut, with 1981's Return of the Giant Slits, an
expansive pastiche of jarring punk, limber Afrobeat, and
ghostly dub. The record was never released in the U.S. and
rarely heard in the rest of the world, but with the Slits'
recent return to the stage, the folks at Blast First (petite)
want to change at least some of that.

On October 8, they're reissuing Return with new artwork,
classic photos by noted lensman Anton
Corbijn, and a bonus disc containing an interview and dub
versions of a number of the original LP's tracks. All this
should restore the neglected gem to its proper place: on your
CD shelf next to Cut.

Return of the Giant Slits:

Disc one:

01 Earthbeat
02 Or What It Is
03 Face Place
04 Walkabout
05 Difficult Fun
06 Animal Space/Spacier
07 Improperly Dressed
08 Life on Earth

Disc two:

01 Japanese Earthbeat
02 German Earthbeat
03 Dub Beat
04 Face Dub
05 Begin Again, Rhythm
06 Earthbeat (12" version)
07 Earthbeat
08 WORT FM Radio Interview

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