[TypicalGirls] must-haves for the beginning girl rocker?

Dina Hornreich dina.hornreich at gmail.com
Sun May 27 11:36:53 EDT 2007

Dear friends:

As moderator of the Typical Girls listserv, I was asked by Daphne Carr (moderator of the Girl Group listserv) to contribute something written to the Rock'n Roll Camp for Girls project.

I thought we'd collectively compile a list of "top 10 must-haves for the beginning girl rocker." 

Your recommendations should be ATTAINABLE material available through various popular retail music outlets online or store front. It wouldn't seem right to recommend something amazing but impossible to find for this particular audience! The KRS reissues (Kleenex/LiliPUT, Essential Logic, Delta 5) are obvious choices (ditto for Oh OK and DNA reissues) but that doesn't mean you should exclude them!

I know for me, I might want to include: X-Ray Spex's Germ-Free Adolescents, Young Marble Giants' Colossal Youth, Slits' Cut, Y Pants...

So please send me personally (do not reply to the whole listserv) your list at dina.hornreich at gmail.com

If possible, please include your rationale for the choices you made. Include any relevant information about you if you like -- writer, musician, etc. This is subjective anyhow, so use it as a vehicle to make these albums as meaningful as possible.

I believe that the members of this list are an impressive group of people on their own. So, rather than compile something independantly, I decided to give you the opportunity to contribute and represent the list for yourself. 

What I envision is a list of albums with short blurbs by the people recommending them. I'll do the compiling and send the completed work to the list. 

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to reading your emails!!!

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