[TypicalGirls] Lost and Found, Zurich

Nicole Emmenegger nicole at jennywoolworth.ch
Wed May 16 18:09:32 EDT 2007

hello all - 

Just wanted to update you on my previous mail searching for information on a
few especially obscure girl bands from the 70s and 80s for an exhibition
here in Zurich called Lost and Found at the Shedhalle gallery

For my part of the exhibition I expaned my on-line women in punk archive
(jennywoolworth.ch) to include biographical info and pictures of twenty
selected bands and performers:
As Mercenarias
Dangerous Birds
Dog Faced Hermans
Dolly Mixture
Hermine Demoriane 
Inflatable Boy Clams
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
Look Blue Go Purple
Manisch Depressiv
Unknown Gender
The Vyllies
Thanks to everyone who wrote in response to my last mail with tips and
input. Please have a look at the entries and feel free to let me know if you
know any more than I know...
www.jennywoolworth.ch/archive/archive.html (click on "lost and found")

I also did a special radio show on Monday night featuring music from and
inspired by these bands. Check the playlist and download the mp3 here:

Special highlights include the amazing Icelandic band Grylurnar and Kendra
Smith singing in German with The Suspects!

x Nicole

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