[TypicalGirls] Belaboris, Hermine, Carambolage, Grylurnar, Plath

Nicole Emmenegger nicole at jennywoolworth.ch
Tue May 1 13:31:19 EDT 2007

Hello all - I am looking for basic biographical info on the following bands
and performers:

Belaboris - Finland (Salla, Minna Soisalo, Saara)

Hermine Demoriane - France

Carambolage - Germany (Guitar - Angie Olbrich, Vocals - Elfi Esther Steitz,
Drums - Britte Neander)

Grylurnar - Reykjavik, Iceland (Vocals - Ragnhildur Gisladóttir, Guitar -
Inga Rún Pálmadóttir, Bass - Herdis Hallvarðsdóttir, Drums - Linda Björk

Plath - Italy

I have done the requisite Google searches on them all but am still lacking
some basic insights and information. This is for an upcoming exhibit at the
Shedhalle gallery in Zurich, Switzerland called "Lost and Found"
(www.shedhalle.ch) featuring my on-line women in punk archive

As a special bonus, I am expanding my archive to include biographical pages
on twenty artists. I will also put together a cd sampler with one song each
from these artists to be presented in a limited edition during the show (not
for sale publically).

The tentative list of the twenty bands is below. It ranges from well known
acts to the relatively obscure - important for me was to highlight bands
from every corner of the world and not lean to heavy on the US/UK scene.
Feedback and commentary welcome!

Unknown Gender   
Dangerous Birds
Inflatable Boy Clams
Poison Girls
Dolly Mixture
The Plastics   
Look Blue Go Purple
Oestro 430   
The Vyllies  
Dog Faced Hermans  
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
As Mercenarias   
Lizzy Mercier Descloux?

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