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oh and speaking of, new band with violin, New Bloods? Totally amazing:


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>In my opinion, I think that it's just that all of those bands added a
>"female" perspective to the music they were creating. And that was part of
>the point of it. There is something strange to me about picking things out
>like this as if they are weird. I know we don't want to divide the sexes 
>there is something specific about a woman's experience that I think most
>women can relate to, whether they identify with it or not (and i think a 
>of us obviously don't). And learning string instruments perhaps was a
>feminine thing, particularly back then (seems like its much more acceptable
>to learn traditional rock instruments these days?). And it's because of
>incorporating these experiences that we have these awesomely amazing bands
>that changed the face of rock. I don't see it as stereotyping, and in a way
>I think not recognizing that detaches us.
>I hope no one gets me wrong here, I in no way think that being a woman
>specifies someone to a particular style.  But I do think music is about
>expressing oneself and as women, like I said, there are a lot of 
>and expectations that we carry with us everyday, everywhere. You can't deny
>it. We're just typical girls. (ha ha. couldn't resist that one.)
>My 2 cents.
> >From: Chuck Warner <chuck at hyped2death.com>
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> >To: "Typical Girls: Women in Punk/Post-Punk/Underground Music (Circa
> >1975-1980s)" <typicalgirls at lists.ibiblio.org>
> >Subject: Re: [TypicalGirls] Random Observation
> >Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 17:18:35 -0400
> >
> >Wow--
> >
> >This is quite interesting. Between a boatload of late-60's-70s bands
> >from Curved Air to It's a Beautiful Day to Dan Hicks --all the way up
> >to Dixie Chicks ;o), there are/were TONS of bands with female singers
> >and violinists. Often one and the same. Laurie Anderson, Tiny Town,
> >Dambuilders, Tiny Lights, Rebby Sharp, Passionel, Hugo Largo, Ed's
> >Redeeming Qualities, Scorched Earth Policy +++
> >
> >Immediate memory fails me on many others, but the statistical
> >correlation between women in bands and violins, violas and cellos is
> >through the roof.  Theories?
> >
> > >Interesting... (I'm a female rock violinst myself) I think
> > >that, due to their arty bent, these bands wanted to
> > >incorporate instruments that were not necessarily
> > >considered rock-by-nature (rather than this being directly
> > >related to gender).  Tho I guess many people argue that the
> > >off-kilter/experimental nature of Liliput and The
> > >Raincoats' songwriting is a direct result of being
> > >female/having a feminine aesthetic. There's something about
> > >that argument that I don't like but I can't quite put my
> > >finger on it. I guess it's just that I hate to see musical
> > >ideas pigeonholed by sex when there are so many other ways
> > >to describe music which don't invoke the whole ball of
> > >gender stereotyping wax.
> > >Emily
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> > >
> > >--- Tim Murphy <timmy.bear at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >
> > >  > Was just thinking, ...each
> > >  > of these bands incorporated a violin player at various
> > >  > points.
> >
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