[TypicalGirls] Random Observation

Douglas Wolk dbcloud at panix.com
Tue Jun 19 17:13:14 EDT 2007

Emily's on the money. The Velvet Underground, the ur-alt-rock band, 
had a male viola player and a female drummer; that doesn't seem to 
have permanently stuck as the formula, either!

I tried to make a quick mental list of other rock bands w/ string 
players, and came up with the Dirty 3 (man), King of the Slums 
(woman), Fairport Convention (man), Rasputina (women but that's sort 
of their raison d'etre), Belle & Sebastian (women), The Ex (a man in 
their "Scrabbling at the Lock" era, a woman more recently)... there 
doesn't seem to be a particular pattern.


At 1:54 PM -0700 6/19/07, Emily Arkin wrote:
>Interesting... (I'm a female rock violinst myself) I think
>that, due to their arty bent, these bands wanted to
>incorporate instruments that were not necessarily
>considered rock-by-nature (rather than this being directly
>related to gender).  Tho I guess many people argue that the
>off-kilter/experimental nature of Liliput and The
>Raincoats' songwriting is a direct result of being
>female/having a feminine aesthetic. There's something about
>that argument that I don't like but I can't quite put my
>finger on it. I guess it's just that I hate to see musical
>ideas pigeonholed by sex when there are so many other ways
>to describe music which don't invoke the whole ball of
>gender stereotyping wax.

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