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I think Don filmed more material than he used and maybe there's a possibilty he planned or plans to
do a more a comprehensive take on the topic at some point.

F'r'instance, I was there when he did his Ari interview and Patti Paladin was in right afterwards. She's not
in the movie I think.


At 11:01 AM 6/19/2007, you wrote:
>I don't recall this being mentioned before. On disc 2 of the DVD version of the Don Letts' film "Punk: Attitude," there's a brief segment entitled "Women in Punk." It had Poly Styrene, Arri Up, Siouxsie, Alice Bag, among others talking about gender and punk. 
>I borrowed my copy of this film from the Denver Public Library. I've seen the DVD available for purchase.
>Worth watching.

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