[TypicalGirls] mo-dettes pictures

Merrill Aldighieri merrilldante at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 14:23:26 EDT 2007

Thank-you for sharing those pictures, they are fun.  I have a picture of the
Modettes on my site... (http://artclips.free.fr/videojockey_memoirs.htm) and
there is a link to the photographer who made it if you are interested in
more fotos. I am in the dark about their plans and do not have a contact for

On 6/11/07, redshoes at hellokitty.com <redshoes at hellokitty.com> wrote:
> found these (hopefully) attached pics sorting thru some magazine clippings
> & thought i'd share them. is there any news/hope of a reissue does anyone
> know?
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