[TypicalGirls] TypicalGirls Digest, Vol 152, Issue 20

Nick Marden nbm3 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 19:02:38 EDT 2007

Hello Goils ...

Here's a few more ...

Denise Mercedes and Anne Gustavson of Stimulators, more balls than most guys 
Denise is also Ms. Mars in GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.
Anne if your reading this give me a call  !!! Let us all know your still 
alive !
Running home from school to practice Entwistle lines on the bass you built 
the way you did is something all the girls should be doing
Squeaky from Fabulous Disaster !!!  Just check the websites....
Rueter from Nashville Pussy !!!!    The way rock guitar should be played !!!
Gettin' a tear in my eye just thinkin about it .
Pat Place .... out scratched Arto.....
I'll post more as they come to me...
One thing though......these "girls " play cooler and rock harder than 97% of 
the "rock dudes" and " cool rock chicks" that I've ever seen.
Not to be snotty but I've seem a lot of shows and anyone who get's up there 
in front of people deserves credit ...But !! The power bar chord , is set 
very high !!!
Thank you ...Good Night ...

XXX , Nick

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