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I'm so glad a discussion of Electrelane has gotten started on this list!  I really do believe they are one of the best rock bands working right now.  I was lucky enough to interview Ros recently (http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/Content?oid=330237&category=22153) and she was really awesome to talk to.  If you have a chance to see them live on the No Shouts tour, I recommend it.


daniel c <daniel at oddpost.com> wrote: re electrelane
 do check out ros's (bassist) fantastic pre-electrelane band LESBO PIG (perfect for fans of marine girls or receptionists) and her current side-project RAY RUMOURS www.myspace.com/rayrumours ... best place to look for lesbo pig is soulseek.

 "i'm on fire" was a b-side of "on parade", a single from electrelane's second album ('the power out') & is on their singles comp.

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 --- kelli at goodgrrrldesign.com wrote:
> If you can find their cover of "I'm on Fire," it's
> killer. I think it's on
> their first EP?

ah, that's what they closed with last night -- it was
killer!  made me look up the chords this morning.

> There's a great article about them in an old issue
> of Wire where they
> recount their audition of Mia Clarke. Very sweet and
> sincere. You should
> check it out, it will make your appreciation grow!

i'll look for it, thanks.


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