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robin dunn rdunnrn at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 12:03:38 EDT 2007

i'm gonna take this opportunity to jump in with tons
of excitement about electrelane, who i saw live last
night.  absolutely fab guitarist -- mia clarke, i
believe.  great group all around, all female.  they've
put out four albums, i think, but i only just learned
of them.  

mia's guitar work started out very simply, then built
into something quite impressive.  will be looking for
their recordings.


--- Adrian Thierry <mrmittens at earthlink.net> wrote:
> what about the Cramps? poison ivy is one of the few
> women they've  
> ever had in any of those guitar mags and they were
> so scared they  
> just put a wee picture of her with her favorite
> amp....(like 14 year  
> old boys are gonna want to play ' goo goo muck'.
> their loss.) but i  
> think girls need  guitar heros more than the boys-
> they have plenty.  

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