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Dina Hornreich dina.hornreich at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 10:46:12 EDT 2007

Absolutely! My thoughts exactly. I wanted to open it up to the group for a
variety of (previously stated) reasons. Consider it a brainstorming session.

But, in the end, the list needs to be TIGHT. And I'm going to have to start
chopping. The power of the blurbs will be key.

Which reminds me...Yesterday, someone wrote to me with some comments about
the blurbs that were important for me to consider:
"[Some blurbs] don't tell us anything about why these albums are must-haves,
nothing about why the artists are important...It just drains the list of its
authority and, frankly, makes it look a bit silly."

Thanks for reading...


On 6/6/07, Daniel Selzer <danselzer at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I can't remember if I already said this...but
> personally I think it would be more usefull to have a
> more succint list of essentials. I think while many of
> us esp. at that age loved getting turned onto stuff,
> there's also gonna be kids who may find it all very
> daunting. You could probably slim it down to ten
> essential CDs and list everything else as "digging
> deeper". It just may be more useful that way, you want
> to make sure the kids check out the Slits before some
> of these other bands, you know?
> dan
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