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Dina Hornreich dina.hornreich at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 10:15:45 EDT 2007

I got excited by the name Manicured Noise! It just sounded neat for my own
peculiar reasons, I suppose! I do want that reissue for myself.

If their not Must-haves, then I'll  have to yank 'em in the final edit
(which I hope is near). Being unfamiliar with list items makes it difficult
to edit it down to the essentials. That's why I need people to give their
rationale as much as possible! Anything that sounds lukewarm (like the
current listing for the Adverts) may get deleted. I'm going to be getting
tougher soon! Quality not quantity.

Can I invite you to write a blurb on the Marine Girls reissue?


On 6/5/07, ryan chowdhury <ryanchowdhury at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I don't think they're quite definitive or "essential"
> in the way that I'd say the Raincoats or Young Marble
> Giants or No New York (and the Marine Girls!) are, but
> there it is. For me a list of what's definitive would
> be messy & long & never finalized...Hopefully a
> (pre)teenager would listen to the Raincoats CD & then
> start combing through the used bins in the proximate
> college town or gentrifying urban neighborhood & get
> into all sorts of fun & find a water-damaged copy of
> the Petticoats single.
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