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When we revisit this, perhaps there will be something in print from Danielle
Dax to recommend. For this audience, I'd sooner recommend Kate Bush's The
Dreaming. Of course, that would be flouting the chronological constraints!

Again, if you want to recommend something from the Cramps you have to
suggest an in print CD. (Find the "ground rules and general feedback" email
I sent yesterday around this time).

I'm going to draw the line VERY soon.


On 6/6/07, Adrian Thierry <mrmittens at earthlink.net> wrote:
> none of danielle dax is still in print in america although you can
> often find the late 80s big label dance singles(' tomorrow never
> knows' for example ) in the dollar bin. the albums and cds are
> expensive to acquire but she is SO worth it. the' jesus egg that
> wept' is one of my favorite pieces of vinyl of all times. a dvd on
> cherry red(' bad miss m') of her live is available on overstock dot
> com of all places- it has much of the 'jesus egg' on it. http://
> www.overstock.com/Books-Movies-Music-Games/Danielle-Dax-Bad-Miss-M-
> Live-DVD/1833845/product.html?IID=prod1833845. her greatest hits was
> called " comatose non reaction- the thwarted pop career of danielle
> dax". it's harder to find than' the jesus egg'.i will venture that if
> you are persistent you can find them on mp3 blogs. they are out of
> print or i would not mention it.
>   there is talk of her re-releasing the early albums. she had this
> amazing ability to convey a sort of pretty girly singer vulnerability
> so beloved and salivated over by male dominated/cliche swamped
> commercial music that masked a fire breathing, castrating lion-
> visceral songs about relationships, patriarchal religions , abuse . '
> the jesus egg that wept' was completely unique for it's time-kitchen
> sink feminist electronica from a blonde bombshell who wrote all her
> own music, had her own record label and pointedly laid claim to her
> rage . when she says ' silence all your lies with a knife' you
> believe it...and it all sounds so ... well ... pretty .
> what about the Cramps? poison ivy is one of the few women they've
> ever had in any of those guitar mags and they were so scared they
> just put a wee picture of her with her favorite amp....(like 14 year
> old boys are gonna want to play ' goo goo muck'. their loss.) but i
> think girls need  guitar heros more than the boys- they have plenty.
> numerous women have played drums and bass in the cramps and they
> manage to shove a man out there in high heels and a dress to be the
> singer...
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