[TypicalGirls] one or 3 more for the pot...(apologies if they'vebeen mentioned)

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A. Toone's mention of a certain sultry NYC summer and her meeting Adele Bertei brought up a great opportunity to mention two very influential american musician women of that time period and a perfect place to put their names: in the mention of the NO NEW YORK compilation--where you have "James Chance and The Contortions": you gotta mention Pat Place and Adele Bertei. Any girl in NYC going to see bands at that time period couldn't help but notice and be inspired by these two.
And yes, Toone, that was a summer.  Re: diner, was it Dave's Luncheonette on Canal Street that was open 24/7?  Or the little one a block down from TR3 on West Broadway? ....ahhhh....
ze memories...
When did the Bloods form?--I know it was after TR3--or you would have played there--I remember being at a party with Adele, maybe you were there, and you were just forming---then I saw the band at CB's, maybe? Was this 81?


  PS Hilary -- I remember that humid TR3 summer SO very clearly. It also makes me think of yet another---Wendy O'Williams. The Plasmatics used to eat breakfast in that diner down by TR3, know the one I mean? It was that summer I met Adele, Fred Smith, R Lloyd,   and at TR3 I saw the BTs for the first time as well as many of the bands you mentioned, either there or at the mudd. there was Max's, Hurrahs, irving plaza but not yet a Danceteria, pep or ritz and cb's was mostly The Plasmatics destroying shit :D I was 21. 

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