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            ………how about including the self-titled CD? It currently
available from Amazon and the majority of the record is made up of
recordings which were released on cassette and on a single in 83-84 (there
are a few songs on the tail end from ’85). The reason I thought of this was
due to a release of the material that the label Feel Good All Over put out
back in the ‘90s titled _1983-85_. I was combing through the shelves looking
for something I had that hadn’t already been mentioned and there this disc
was, staring back at me. As for blurbage, here goes…….


            ……the early recordings by Beat Happening show Bret, Heather, and
Calvin contributing as equals and conjuring a sound that relies on
simplicity and directness to deliver catchy, often pretty songs that cover a
wide ranging of emotional territory. This is engaging bare-bones music that
never tries to impress upon the listener that’s it’s doing something they
can’t. On the contrary, they encourage the audience to sing along, pick up a
guitar and strum (who cares if you don’t know any chords), or slap hands on
a cardboard box. They are an outstanding example of D.I.Y. in action.
Everybody plays an instrument. And one of the best things about Beat
Happening is how they take a seemingly modest concept like simple decency
and use it to propel such striking, timeless music.


            Anyway, I hope this cuts the mustard. Beat Happening weren’t
really of the TG period (they fit in the late ‘80s-early ‘90s indie scene,
which is where I was mentally placing them until I spotted that CD spine),
but they were so influenced by the music of that period that I would
definitely include them. Plus the appropriateness for teens is spot-on, I





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