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looks like it's available via amazon. it's on the
caroline true label,

Manicured Noise, if they haven't been discussed
extensively here, were a Manchester area band who
released two singles on Pre c. 1980, the first of
which, "Metronome" b/w "Moscow 1980" is one of my
favorite singles, like a speedy, rawer Talking Heads
with horns recalling Jamaican music & then bleating
free jazz-style. Beyond the singles, the unreleased
stuff on the cd gets into slightly slicker Talking
Heads territory with touches of surf & straight-up
funk, & then some This Heat-damaged stuff which they
recorded at Cold Storage (of course) which is growing
on me, & some dubby live tracks, one of which may or
may not involve a digeridoo. 

I don't think they're quite definitive or "essential"
in the way that I'd say the Raincoats or Young Marble
Giants or No New York (and the Marine Girls!) are, but
there it is. For me a list of what's definitive would
be messy & long & never finalized...Hopefully a
(pre)teenager would listen to the Raincoats CD & then
start combing through the used bins in the proximate
college town or gentrifying urban neighborhood & get
into all sorts of fun & find a water-damaged copy of
the Petticoats single. 

--- Dina Hornreich <dina.hornreich at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Ryan:
> Import (to me) qualifies as accessible. More info
> please!
> If possible, check with amazon.com!
> Gracias.
> -Dina
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> manicured noise are a good example of this...girls
> in
> the rhythm section, boys on vocals, gtrs & sax. but
> I
> think the recent retrospective cd--the two pre
> singles
> plus a lot of unreleased stuff-- is only available
> as
> an import?

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