[TypicalGirls] one or 3 more for the pot...(apologies if they've been mentioned)

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Tue Jun 5 14:37:58 EDT 2007


I thought someone reissued Ut? Wasn't it a nice delux reissue too?
Same with Lizzy Mercier, I know there is a CD for that. Is it hard to

I agree about the part 1 and part 2. Pt 1 for stuff readily available
on CD or digitally. Pt 2 for essentials yet to be re-released. I think
there's lots of stuff that falls in that category. Vivien Goldman (has
this been compiled?), Short Term Memory, Units (their LP digital
stimulation), Mechanical Servants, The Dance, Chandra, etc.

- Aaron

On 6/5/07, anderson <anderstoone at yahoo.com> wrote:
> ...and yes, Teach :D, availability on amazon (tho thats seems awfully
> exclusionarily exclusive to this nowaver of a certain age).
> what about Danielle (UK's answer to Lydia and Exene ) Dax/Lemon Kittens?
> http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Adapted-Eye-Danielle-Dax/dp/B000002LG7
> A blurb when i have a sec-- other listers feel free to jump in. Again its
> the ol' mySpace that put me in mind after reuniting w/ both she & Karl Blake
> (from shockheaded peters) after like, 18 years. Also -- Barbara
> Gogan/Passions?
> German Film Star was a big hit in Europe.
> Maybe like the reissues of late, this list will should have 2 parts --PT 1
> the available cuts like Patti, RUNAWAYS, Siouxsie, Nina H., Chrissie, Slits,
> Raincoats, malaria!, BTs, ESG, D5 et al and Pt 2 the harder to find nuggets
> -- UT, Bloods, Ypants, Mod-ettes, lizzie, avengers, Danielle, pearly,
> Contractions,Muffins, the equally important and all female Venus Weltklang
> as well as No NY... <--many of which ARE available on iTunes or comps or
> elsewhere online.
> So the criteria can be influence instead of purely availability.
> The point is: there really was a 100 monkey universal explosion of grrls
> making music 78-85 and it was before anyone used riot as a prefix.
> -A Toone, a blood :)
> PS Hilary -- I remember that humid TR3 summer SO very clearly. It also makes
> me think of yet another---Wendy O'Williams. The Plasmatics used to eat
> breakfast in that diner down by TR3, know the one I mean? It was that summer
> I met Adele, Fred Smith, R Lloyd,   and at TR3 I saw the BTs for the first
> time as well as many of the bands you mentioned, either there or at the
> mudd. there was Max's, Hurrahs, irving plaza but not yet a Danceteria, pep
> or ritz and cb's was mostly The Plasmatics destroying shit :D I was 21.
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