[TypicalGirls] one or 3 more for the pot...(apologies if they've been mentioned)

anderson anderstoone at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 5 14:08:06 EDT 2007

...and yes, Teach :D, availability on amazon (tho thats seems awfully exclusionarily exclusive to this nowaver of a certain age).

what about Danielle (UK's answer to Lydia and Exene ) Dax/Lemon Kittens?

A blurb when i have a sec-- other listers feel free to jump in.  Again its the ol' mySpace that put me in mind after reuniting w/ both she & Karl Blake (from shockheaded peters) after like, 18 years. Also -- Barbara Gogan/Passions?
German Film Star was a big hit in Europe.

Maybe like the reissues of late, this list will should have 2 parts --PT 1 the available cuts like Patti, RUNAWAYS, Siouxsie, Nina H., Chrissie, Slits, Raincoats, malaria!, BTs, ESG, D5 et al and Pt 2 the harder to find nuggets -- UT, Bloods, Ypants, Mod-ettes, lizzie, avengers, Danielle, pearly, Contractions,Muffins, the equally important and all female Venus Weltklang as well as No NY... <--many of which ARE available on iTunes or comps or elsewhere online.

So the criteria can be influence instead of purely availability.

The point is: there really was a 100 monkey universal explosion of grrls making music 78-85 and it was before anyone used riot as a prefix.

-A Toone, a blood :)

PS Hilary -- I remember that humid TR3 summer SO very clearly. It also makes me think of yet another---Wendy O'Williams. The Plasmatics used to eat breakfast in that diner down by TR3, know the one I mean? It was that summer I met Adele, Fred Smith, R Lloyd,   and at TR3 I saw the BTs for the first time as well as many of the bands you mentioned, either there or at the mudd. there was Max's, Hurrahs, irving plaza but not yet a Danceteria, pep or ritz and cb's was mostly The Plasmatics destroying shit :D I was 21. 

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