[TypicalGirls] some ground rules and general feedback

Dina Hornreich dina.hornreich at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 10:44:07 EDT 2007

Dear Friends:

Thank you for responding to the task at hand. I appreciate your taking the
time to wade through the barrage of emails filling your inbox! I know I've
spent a lot of time checking, cutting and pasting text, etc.

I do want to lay some ground rules mostly for the sake of my sanity! (This
is getting exhausting for me)

1. Check your suggestion with Amazon.com to see if its accessible! (This
step is crucial.)

2. In your suggestion, please state: the artist/band, the title of the CD,
and the name of the label who put out the CD that is in print. If it is an
album reissue, please state the year it was originally released. Also,
include information about live tracks, demo versions, out-takes, etc. as
well as if it's an import are also helpful.

3. Consider the appropriateness of your suggestion for our audience: those
attending the Rock'n Roll Camp for Girls (ages 12-15).

4. BLURBIAGE: We need quality writing. I'm going to remove blurbs that say
very little. I threw those in just to give people an idea of what I have
received. It was called draft for a reason! However, rather than single
people out, just look at the good blurbs! I truly appreciate everyone
contributing. Yet, some stand out more than others. For example, Mike
Appelstein's contributions have been really high quality. So perhaps that's
a standard you should use for yourself! Do justice to your suggestions!

5. Removal of items from the list. If there is no blurb for something, it
will have to be deleted eventually. Throwing out the Waitresses or Romeo
Void or whatever to the list and not stating your rationale just isn't
enough in the end. If someone else can't do it, then DIY it! (And I have to
write my own blurbs, too!) You can add your own blurb, and an item can have
more than one blurb! So, please don't be shy.

I will make the corrections to the Delta 5 blurb when I return home. (My day
has yet to begin!)

Again, thanks for your consideration.

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