[TypicalGirls] another call for blurbs + revised list

shirley.o'loughlin shirley.o'loughlin at virgin.net
Tue Jun 5 07:12:12 EDT 2007


Just a niggly point about the blurb from Bob Moore for Delta 5:

> Delta 5: "Singles and Sessions 1979-81" (Kill Rock Stars)
> A funky, feminist-minded group -- that featured more males than females.
> With two bass players and songs like the often-covered "Mind Your Own
> Business" and "You", Delta 5 stand out as one of the best from a scene that
> featured several female-friendly bands. (Bob Moore)

Delta 5 definitely did NOT feature more males than females ­ Ros, Julz and
Bethan were the majority of the 5 and handled all the voices and the 2 bass
guitars. Alan played guitar and Kelvin drums.

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