[TypicalGirls] Concert photos at "The Mudd Club"

Barry Koopersmith bkoopers at optonline.net
Mon Jun 4 22:32:13 EDT 2007

If anybody is interested, I have photos of these concerts at "The Mudd 

Nov. 14, 1981 --> Girls At Our Best
Jan.  2, 1982 --> Bow Wow Wow

Those photos are among the 8,700 photos that I took of bands in the New 
York City area between 1981 and 1985. I need to get those 35 mm 
negatives scanned and then added it to my concert photo website. I have 
been trying for over a year to find a place in the New York City area to 
get the scanning job done (I don't have the time to do the scanning 
myself). I tried small batches of negatives with several camera and 
photography stores but either the quality was poor or they took too long 
or the price was too much. Can anybody recommend somebody who can do 
this large job in high quality at a reasonable price?


Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 08:45:47 -0700
From: "shan" <shan at shanboogie.com>
Subject: Re: [TypicalGirls] Documentary on Nightlife
To: <typicalgirls at lists.ibiblio.org>

Hello Merrill,

My name is Shan Nicholson, I got your email address from your post on 
the"typical girls" news letter.

I am also a film maker who is working on a documentary on NYC's night 
life during the late 70's early 80's .As a part of the story we are 
covering places like Hurras and the Mudd clubb and the bands that played 
there.We are also focusing on the art,hip hop and dance music scene as 

Was wondering if we might be able to help each other out. I am currently 
in the process of raising a budget for music and footage clearence and 
you might have footage of a couple bands that we are planning on 
covering.On the other hand,I have been working on this documentary for 
about 2 years now and along the way I have acumillated a long list of 
contacts,some of these contacts might be usefull to you.

Below is a link to a teaser we put together,check it out and let me know 
what you think.We have been using the clip as a promotional tool to get 
people interested in the project. By the way,did you put out that video 
compilation "live at Hurras"?

Thanks for your time,


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