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Laura Way lauraannway at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 4 18:48:13 EDT 2007

hello everyone,

i've just joined the group, i stumbled across you whilst googling women and
punk. i'm 23, play bass in a punk band and am currently doing a ma at the
university of york. at the moment i'm trying to achieve my sample for my ma
dissertation which is centered around interviews with women punks and was
wondering whether anyone here could help me out? i'm looking for women
(30yrs+ living in the UK) who self-identify as punk and it's not easy! i was
wondering whether anyone might be interested? also, whether you know of
anyone else (or know anyone who might)? i can give you further info if
you're happy to do so.

just to let you know my intentions aren't of some snotty academic outsider
(well, snotty perhaps) who is trying to create some detached theory of punk.
i've grown up with punk and played in a punk band for six years or so. i
love the music and i wanted to research something which was important to me.
concentrating on women over 30 was because of a gap in previous research
which made the experiences of these particular women invisible.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

(also, i won't just be gathering what i can from here and then leaving the
group - i also wanted to join because of my musical interests to discuss
musicians/bands, aside from my academic things)

thanks! laura
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