[TypicalGirls] the original list that inspired TG

Dina Hornreich dina.hornreich at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 15:01:10 EDT 2007

Dear friends:

Sharon's list (in conjunction with Rockin' Rina's site) are what compelled
me to start the TG list.

If you want to nitpick about inclusion for posterity (which some of you seem
to be doing), then I'm going to have to defer to the experts who helped
compiled Sharon's list.

It's located here <
http://www.mindspring.com/~acheslow/AuntMary/bang/wip.html> and looks more
thorough than anything I could've done.

Jenny Woolworth has also done a smack-up job archiving this material on her

I'll get to the point! This is not meant to be an archive. The task at hand
is to find accessible sources of inspiration for beginning girl rockers
attending the RnR camp. Well, perhaps there's a history lesson in here too.
I liked the description of "things that I wish someone had recommended to me
at their age" (paraphrasing, sorry).

Please don't lose our focus here, folks.


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