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Smurf ziggysmurfdust at pandora.be
Mon Jun 4 13:55:50 EDT 2007

Since we're threading on the hardrock path, why not include Girlschool?
The heavier sister of Runaways and Bangles and the female answer to  
Seems they have a new 2CD singles comp out:  

Op Mon, 04 Jun 2007 18:55:15 +0200 schreef robin dunn <rdunnrn at yahoo.com>:

> no, they are not the least bit hip.  and yes, they
> made horrible records, and fashion decisions, in the
> 80s.  but -- is there a greater three minutes of
> women-in-rock than "barracuda"?  a song that was all
> about female empowerment, and anger towards a shitty
> record company?  ann's voice cuts diamonds, and nancy
> can play circles around almost anyone.
> they fit the date range for this list, and all their
> stuff is in print.  i'd probably go with "little
> queen" from 1977, but "dog and butterfly" and "bebe le
> strange," which followed, were classics, too.
> r
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