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Mon Jun 4 12:53:06 EDT 2007

Sounds like Vice Squad doesn't quite meet the criteria for having
"significant female contribution."

On 6/4/07, T.E. Meire <elraydelmundo at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Vice Squad while being a pinnacle of the UK '82 punk sound simply has
> had two women singers, all the people that play instruments are men.
> Wouldn't the Partisans or Adverts be better since a woman was actually
> playing an instrument?  Hell even though Rock Goddess was  a cheesey metal
> band, they all played instruments, didn't just sing. The Gymslips aren't
> that punk but they did play all their own instruments and sing their own
> songs.  I do mean "just sing" because she wasn't really a "frontwoman" like
> Wendy O. was, I wouldn't every say Wendy "just sang" because she led the
> band and devised much of their stage show.  Becki Bondage sang dressed
> 'punk'.  That's really it, not very inspirational.  Action Pact also had
> Cheecks who was a singer and although she did mostly sing, she also wrote
> songs and wasn't the original singer. She was picked out of audience when
> the band's male singer left (only because she knew all the words to the
> songs... ha!)
> Just this punk record nerd's 2 cents.
> Theresa.
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