[TypicalGirls] SUBMIT BLURBS PLEASE! We're up to 22 must-haves!

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Mon Jun 4 10:53:32 EDT 2007

What's readily available for purchase among those you list? Have you checked
for Pylon releases that are accessible via amazon.com?

List members, please make your suggestions very specific as well as readily

***And don't forget to write short blurbs! Items without blurbs will be

(Yes, I'm a teacher and I don't mind repeating myself.)

On 6/4/07, MERRILL <merrilll at numericable.fr> wrote:
>  Here is one group I don't see mentioned,
> it is not strictly a girl group,
> but the great female artist Vanessa Briscoe is featured:
> Their releases include:
> *Gyrate* (1980, DB Records, DB54)
> *Pylon!!* EP (1980, Armageddon, AEP12004)
> *Hits* (1988, DB Records, DB91)
> There is a compilation called "Quintessential *Hits* CD"
> *Chomp* (1983, DB Records, DB65)
> *Chain* (1990, Sky Records, 7-2020-2)
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