[TypicalGirls] Dangerous Birds/Lavender Diamond

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 22:08:16 EDT 2007

a friend burned me a CD of the Propellor Cassette and
Propellor Product releases...the cassette includes
Dangerous Birds "Catholic Boy", the only song I've
heard other then the aforementioned totally wonderful
single. It's very Thalia! Most of the artists on these
comps I know nothing about except for hearing some
stuff on some old Homework comps.

One bit of trivia...an artist on the original
cassette, and a veteran of Boston and LA's(?)
post-punk scenes Wild Stares's member Steve
Gregoropoulos produced and I think is also a member of
Lavender Diamond. I don't remember if they've been
mentioned on this list yet, but Lavender Diamond are
wonderful, and I had the awesome pleasure of seeing
Becky Stark perform at the New York Public Library
during the Miranda July reading 2 weeks ago, where she
was joined by David Byrne. It was a great experience
because no matter where I've seen shows, there's
always a ton of chatter and clinking of glasses and
bar orders and whatnot, but here was a huge room full
of people quietly sitting for the solo Becky
performances. And I felt through the looking glass
when the three of them sat down to sign things and
while everybody lined up around the room to meet
Miranda, and people bought the LD cd for Becky to
sign, David Byrne sat there waiting for the few people
who wanted him to sign his book. I was upset I
couldn't be a super-hipster and show how cool I was by
bringing my copies of Dinosaur's Kiss Me Again 12" and
the Love of Life Orchestra 12" that he played guitar
on. Oh well.

-dan selzer
signing with my last name. too many dans

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