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Dear friends:

Thanks for your serious consideration of the task at hand. While my fears of being inundated with emails were fully realized, I feel the discussion has been worthwhile overall -- and so has the project itself.

I'm considering having some kind of a footnote to mention material that is OOP (out-of-print) yet available online (i.e. on myspace) like the Bloods and Dolly Mixture. Wouldn't want to slight anyone here. (Note: I'd love to find a way to have someone reissue that "Venus Weltklang" compilation!)

Some additional suggestions for inclusion are:
*Lizzy Mercier Descloux reissues (Ze)
*Tracey Thorn: A Distant Shore (Cooking Vinyl)
*Penetration ((I ave s self-titled compilation of demos, peel sessions, and live material from Griffin Music that seems to be OOP. A forthcoming best of is listed on amazon)
*Laurie Anderson: "Big Science" 1982 album reissue containing excerpts from her United States I-IV stage presentation (WB)
*Blondie: "Parallel Lines" 1978 album reissue (Capitol)
*B-52s: self-titled 1979 debut (Reprise)
*Poison Girls: "Their Finest Moments" import collection (Nectar) [NOTE-I had that "Poisonous" 2CD set at some point, but seemed to have misplaced it one of the times I moved. I don't know this collection. I found it on amazon]
*Selector: ? [Please help -- I'm biased against ska for no justifiable reason]
*Pearl Harbor: ? [I replied to a poster asking for a more specific recommendation and am still waiting for it]
*Pretenders: self-titled 1980 debut album 2CD reissue (Rhino)
*Vice Squad: ?  [again, waiting on a more specific recommendation]

If you want to add something please follow the format I've been using:
Band/Artist - Title of CD - Label
(If it's an album reissue, please state the year it was originally released.)

WARNING: At some point, I'm going to eliminate listings without blurbs!!!! 

Re: The Dance controversy -- The reissue is just not close enough to being finished for me to include it. I think Dan's response said it all.

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