[TypicalGirls] Chandra Oppenheim

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I would be incredibly curious to see those photos. Not only was I there (I think), but my then-best friend was the bass player in the band. I had no idea that Eugenie (who was Chandra's age, and her best friend) had kept the Dance going for as long as she did, and now I'll have to seek them out, at least through MySpace.


(PS: Hi all, pretty new here and have been lurking until now, but I've been really enjoying the discussions.)

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>I saw Chandra Oppenheim and the Chandra Dimension back on Dec. 5, 1981 
>at "The Cavern" in Manhattan, New York. Some day I'll scan the 35 mm 
>negatives of the photos that I took of that show and add it to my 
>concert photo website.

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