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Hi Dina & all,

Not to spank our own bass but our coupla months on myspace and last.fm have elicited lots of interest including:

 Dance parties would not exist in our realm without "Button Up"! 
  We want to meet you! !"
--The Gossip

"Button-up is in my Top 5 dance records of all time."
- Alyson Palmer BETTY

"A perfectly constructed chunk of sexy funk. Always in my set."
--paraphrased from DJs from Boston to Barcelona

college students writing me doing projects on The Bloods for their 'Women in Rock" coursework wanting reissues, lyrics and info; coffee table books; museum shows; as well as legions of email from mostly new young fans 17-25 worldwide many from europe, japan and south america (?).

I know we were but a short flash in the no wave pan, but apparently a glittering one.

What about the Venus Weltklang comp on FLAME ( from The 1st Int. Women In Rock fest/berlin 81)?. Tho not easy to find is incredibly seminal (or would that be vaginal?) but still g-rated:
1    Au Pairs - Headache for Michelle    
2    Die Hausfrauen  - Sacred Vow    
3    Liliput - Waxing Moon    
4    The Mo-dettes - Nasty Children    
5    Malaria! - I Will Be Your Only One    
6    Lili Drop - Monde Animal    
7    Insisters - Superelastikfrau    
8    Wicked Lady - Suicide Star    
9    The Bloods - Blue Chevrolet    
10    Unknown Gender - Either Yes Or No    
11    Carambolage - Männlein    
12    Pink Plastic & Panties - My Car    
13    Bitchband No. 1 - Drop The Bomb

PS Merrill: kewl site!! we played @ Hurrah's a time or 2, once w/ del Byzanteens i seem to recall. Any video of us?

PSS inside many a key grrl band is a lenny, dee, paul or budgie...just sayin'... 

also--contractions,lydia, vi subversa, Pauline Black, penelope from avengers, pearl as pearl E gates in the tubes as well as pearl harbour,  Phranc, nona hendryx, neneh cherry, runaways,chrissie hynde, hazel oconner, cindy lauper, b52s, debbie h., tina weymouth, kim gordon,l aurie anderson, kirsty maccoll. 

finally: In the beginning...there was Patti!!!

-A Toone

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