[TypicalGirls] role of women in these bands?

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I like the notion of "significant female contribution" (I believe that was a 
KAOS radio thing?) because its vague yet gets the point across.

I can't believe Blondie didn't come up in all this rumbling and grumbling!

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>>Since Chuck brought it up, I had been thinking about
>>the issue of girl singers. On one hand, a lot of the
>>bands with female singers I suppose were def.
>>empowering, but at the same time is it important
>>enough to recommend a band which is basically some
>>boys adding that trendy girl singer for appeal...or
>>maybe it's all splitting hairs.
> On the other side of the coin, it's probably not crucial for this 
> particular
> list, but what about bands that were mostly male but included female
> instrumentalists? That was considerably more revolutionary in the late
> 70s...I'm figuring that Tina Weymouth, Gaye Advert, Pat Place and Adele
> Bertei in the Contortions, etc etc might have had just as much if not more
> influence on a lot of young women at the time as far as inspiring the
> thought, "I could do that!" The so-called "chick singer" was
> well-established, but women picking up instruments in LOUD bands that
> weren't folky or jazzy was the real sea change.
> Just musing a bit here...carry on...
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