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Forgive my naivete, but I have no familiarity with this!

Can you attain the requisite information on the forthcoming reissue so that 
I can include it? I'd use your BLURBIAGE from below for my list as well!

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>I would like to add "The Dance" to the list. Though the band is not
> all female, the lead singer and significant writer of most of the
> songs was female. There is a reissue currently in the works. The group
> has a very accessible sound, especially on their last effort "Soul
> Force". I would call this essential and I feel many of you would also
> call it essential had there been a reissue available for some years.
> Best,
> Aaron Levin
> On 6/3/07, burt at macalester.edu <burt at macalester.edu> wrote:
>> In response to Dan, I'm thinking that what matters is not how many women 
>> were in the band, or whether they had just one woman and she was the 
>> singer, but whether the woman or women had creative control. I'd hate to 
>> leave out Altered Images if we're making a long list...
>> ...although, if we're making a shorter list, I'd happily replace them 
>> with either Dolly Mixture, or one of the bands that included Amelia 
>> Fletcher, probably Heavenly with Le Jardin du Heavenly, especially since, 
>> if I remember correctly, the CD reissue of Le Jardin du Heavenly also 
>> includes the EP with "P.U.N.K. Girl." In fact, can we just put Heavenly 
>> on our list? Or is there a chronological cutoff (around 1985, to judge by 
>> the list we already have)? If there's a 1985-86 cutoff, Salem 66 and/or 
>> Scrawl should just sneak in... do either of them belong?
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