[TypicalGirls] Age thing

Tim Murphy timmy.bear at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 17:56:23 EDT 2007

Now, maybe this is just me as a boy and all, but I don't recall ever
vetting my music/reading choices by my parents as a child (mind you, I
never bought any records until 1980, and my books were from the
library...).  I guess it would have just not occurred to me that my
parents would even be INTERESTED.  Mind you, I also, then and now, am
of the view that the police and Customs (in Canada, such a nice
country, our Customs still seems to think it's above the law and has
to constantly be reminded that, when a Court says it can't seize a
given book, it CAN'T SEIZE IT...) and Homeland Insecurity don't get a
say in what I read or listen to either... ;)

As to the poison girls, there is a box set of their material out there
on Cooking Vinyl.

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