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I wanted to include all 3 loverly bands. Especially near and dear to me is 
the Salem 66 1983-87 comp from Homestead called "Your Soul is Mine Fork It 

However, it seems the timeframe aspect has been prohibitive of including 
them all!

How about Shop Assistants? No wait, that was 1986!

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> In response to Dan, I'm thinking that what matters is not how many women 
> were in the band, or whether they had just one woman and she was the 
> singer, but whether the woman or women had creative control. I'd hate to 
> leave out Altered Images if we're making a long list...
> ...although, if we're making a shorter list, I'd happily replace them with 
> either Dolly Mixture, or one of the bands that included Amelia Fletcher, 
> probably Heavenly with Le Jardin du Heavenly, especially since, if I 
> remember correctly, the CD reissue of Le Jardin du Heavenly also includes 
> the EP with "P.U.N.K. Girl." In fact, can we just put Heavenly on our 
> list? Or is there a chronological cutoff (around 1985, to judge by the 
> list we already have)? If there's a 1985-86 cutoff, Salem 66 and/or Scrawl 
> should just sneak in... do either of them belong?


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