[TypicalGirls] no runaways?

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OH NO! I can't fathom leaving out "Chery Bomb!"

AsI just stated in a previous email, we're on the same page (re: Slits, Au 

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>i don't think "come again" is any worse than a lot of
> what's played on radio these days -- i wouldn't worry
> about it (this coming from the mother of a 15-year old
> girl, so).  and i'd let the slits in, but then i
> really dig the slits!  i can see keeping crass out --
> offensive on so many levels, and of course i can't
> forget the cover album of the blow-up doll...
> i have a friend who is organizing the first rock camp
> for girls here in austin this summer, and we have been
> having this same discussion, also as relates to
> age-appropriateness ("cherry bomb" is out, sorry!).
> r
> --- Dina Hornreich <dina.hornreich at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear friends:
>> I just realized that our camper audience may not be
>> able to ask mom and dad for some of our
>> "must-haves." Their ages are 12 to 15 (according to
> <http://mail.cfsnc.org/~summer/ages9to13.htm#ncrockandrollcamp>).
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