[TypicalGirls] SUBMIT BLURBS PLEASE! We're up to 22 must-haves!

dan bailey dpbailey at att.net
Sun Jun 3 14:17:19 EDT 2007

It is, indeed. I don't have nearly enough Salem 66 -- only the debut 12" & 
first LP, I think -- & first learned about 'em in '84 when a correspondent 
of mine in Boston tagged (if memory serves) their demo onto the end of a 
cassette of a couple of radio shows by The Proletariat (probably my favorite 
U.S. band of that era). I was immediately taken. Plus, of course, they got 
extra points for covering Wire (probably my favorite band, period) before 
everybody & their dog started doing so ...

And yeah, I think Dolly Mixture stuff is really hard to find. I've got a 
CDR, but that's it.

Dan, now ruminating on his anarchopunk days & wondering about Rubella Ballet 
& Lost Cherrees, plus of course the Poison Girls ...

> ...and that's a shame about Salem 66. Looks like there's no Dolly Mixture 
> in print these days either...
> s
>>>I narrowed our list down to 1975-1984 because that was the general time
> period I intended when I created the listserv. I've been waffling on that
> decision, but (in the end) I'm going to stand by it.<<
> Salem 66 apparently formed in '82 & debuted with a 12" on Homestead in 
> '84,
> so I'd say they would definitley merit consideration ... *if* they had
> anything in print. Unfortunately, that seems not to be the case.
> Looks like Scrawl formed in '85, went into the studio for the first time 
> in
> '86, had their first release in '87. I'd say they miss the cut-off.
> Dan


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