[TypicalGirls] 15 must-haves for the beginning girl rocker (part 3)

Dina Hornreich dina.hornreich at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 09:59:40 EDT 2007

Please wlaborate on the Pearl Harbor suggestion. I know next to nothing!

I've titled it "Must-have CDs for Girl Rockers." So I guess the music should 
be available in that form. However, I say that with some misgivings because 
the downloadable format is becoming the norm especially among the younger 
crowd. I teach ESL in a Charter High School for immigrants aged 16-20, and I 
see that many of my students have iPods and MP3 players for which they 
purchase music online (e.g. iTunes). There are those that do have CD 
players, but they cart around mostly burned material (mixes and such).

I even debated the myspace format which would allow for easy and free access 
to out-of-print materials such as Dolly Mixture. However, as far as I know, 
you can't take that material with you. Besides, I'm ambivalent about myspace 
these days especially for the younger crowd!

I narrowed our list down to 1975-1984 because that was the general time 
period I intended when I created the listserv. I've been waffling on that 
decision, but (in the end) I'm going to stand by it.

If you want to compose a tree, then I say go for it! In the description, I 
specifically say "pre-riot grrrl innovators" so context is key here...

----- Original Message ----- 
What about Pearl Harbor and the Explosions?

Plus, does the music have to be purchase-able or can it be merely
download-able or stream-able, at a price or Free? does music-video work?

Also, was the request restricted to a certain time period? Because some
sort of fill-in-the-missing-limbs sort of family tree might be cool -- 
maybe starting say with polystyrene and ending with beth ditto. though a
tree is not various enough (only one trunk) so maybe another metaphor,
something like coral reef or a creeper. plus, figuring all the different
and never ending ways to get from polystyrene to say, cibo matto, sets
people listening to how sound moves differently in each expression. It's
cool and necessary to know who played what and when, but it's more like
wonder to listen to music move across people, space and time. especially
when it ends up moving through you.

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