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MERRILL merrilll at numericable.fr
Sun Jun 3 04:55:29 EDT 2007

Sorry to be a bore, but I don't understand why I am not recognized as a member. I am on the list. Maybe I made a mistake in how I submitted my letter? I don't understand how this thing works really. My name on the list as the e-mail artclips at free.fr
I will have another look at your registration checklist interface again, but I don't understand the random and unrelated digests I keep receiving, and the process to respond to threads does not seem to integrate my letters either.
This seems labyrinthian, but I do find interesting stuff in your archive and I am greatful you have organised something!

Here is a copy of the letter I just sent:


Dear TypicalGirls,
I have started a documentary on nightlife, from my perspective as the "first VJ" in NYC. I was the VJ at a club called HURRAH, and I videotaped all the bands who played there between 1980-81. My archives will be a backdrop. I also started a feature film project at that time about my life as a VJ to have starred Barbara Gogan, Judy Nylon, and a few other notable people, those screentests will also figure in the documentary. My reason to write to you now is that I would like to interview some of the musicians and artists I originally filmed when I was at Hurrah, to have some interesting perspectives of then and now. If there are any of you who are interested, please contact me through my website (http://artclips.free.fr/videojockey_memoirs.htm) which has some extracts of the original archives and also a complete list of the bands I filmed at Hurrah. I live in France, but I will be coming to NY with my camera in a couple weeks, so time is of the essence!  
Yours truly, Merrill ALDIGHIERI

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