[TypicalGirls] age appropriateness?

dan bailey dpbailey at att.net
Sun Jun 3 09:17:03 EDT 2007

In which case Crass' Penis Envy (or any of their other albums, for that matter) is a no-go. Ditto for the Slits, I'd think.


  Dear friends:

  I just realized that our camper audience may not be able to ask mom and dad for some of our "must-haves." Their ages are 12 to 15 (according to <http://mail.cfsnc.org/~summer/ages9to13.htm#ncrockandrollcamp>).

  Some parents might not react well to songs like "Come Again" by the Au Pairs!  So, I'm going to be screening the list to make it more "PG13." I don't think we want to do the camp a disservice. Not really a big deal.

  Keep those blurbs coming!



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