[TypicalGirls] Canadian content :)

J Neo Marvin j_n_e_o at hotmail.com
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I'm late to the discussion, but I'd toss in the Marine Girls too. Is there a 
reissue that includes the "Lure Of The Rockpools"single?

-J Neo Marvin


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>Oh, yes! I love their song, "Echo Beach!" "Indecision" is also a great
>tune -- cracks me up!
>I bought "Far Away in Time" on CD in a used bin. I  thought the label,
>Caroline, had closed its doors a few years ago. However, according to
>amazon, you can still get it. So, I'll add it to the list as well.
>"Oh I wish that I could be decisive..."
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> > I'd put in
> >
> > MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS, Metro Music (I'm pretty sure it's back in
> > print), or, for that matter, either of the best ofs (Far Away In Time
> > for the UK/Europe, and Then Again for North America)
> >
> > Catchy pop rock with a slightly ironic edge to it, and, again,
> > Canadian content. :)
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